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  • 5 Easter Brunch Must-Have Menu Items

    Spring has finally sprung and Easter is around the corner! The popularity of brunch is on the rise nationwide, but Easter Brunch has been a staple springtime event for decades. After their morning egg hunts, families flock to restaurants, hotels, and country clubs to indulge in the best of both breakfast and lunch. While the Easter Bunny is hard at work painting eggs, you need to start prepping for one of the busiest culinary days of the year. To help you out, we’ve created a list of five Easter Brunch must-have menu items to impress your guests.

    1. Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

    Although once limited to Easter Brunch, deviled eggs have now found their way onto menus year-round. And for good reason! This dish gives chefs the chance to pack a lot of flavor into one bite. We’ve seen many different takes on this dish, and one of our favorites is smoked salmon deviled eggs. Serve on a rectangular white platter to contrast the shape of the egg and to let the colorful garnishes pop!

    2. Creme Brulee French Toast

    Easter brunch is an opportunity for people to calorie-splurge on decadent dishes, and nothing says decadent quite likecreme brulee french toast. This elevated take on the classic breakfast item is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, and pairs nicely with the next item on our list. Don’t forget the maple syrup, which you can serve in little creamer pitchers to add a little formal flare!

    3. Champagne Brunch Bellini

    When it comes to brunch beverages, it’s a good idea to offer a custom cocktail in addition to the traditional mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. We like the idea of this champagne brunch Bellini because of all the different ways you can garnish it with seasonal fruit and adjust to your own color palette. Serve in an elegant, yet modern glassware, like our Island Champagne Flute to really make this cocktail shine!

    4. Baked Parmesan Hash Browns

    Easter brunch calls for elegant dishes, which means greasy hash browns just won’t do! For a fancier take on this savory side dish, add parmesan, bake in the shape of your choice and garnish with green onion. An all-terrain convection oven like this one by Southbend will have your baking needs covered for this occasion and many others.

    5. Peach Glazed Ham

    For the main attraction of your Easter feast, serve up a beautiful peach glazed ham to satisfy even the biggest of appetites. The peach glaze on the ham gives it a distinct spring taste rather than evoking thoughts of Thanksgiving or Christmas. Not sure how to serve? A carving station is the perfect route to go if your brunch is buffet-style. Your guests will go home full, happy, and impressed by your decadent Easter brunch!

    Here at International Event Products, we love nothing more than helping our customers’ businesses succeed! We carry a large range of dinnerware, glassware, and kitchen equipment that are sure to fit any occasion and budget. Haven’t found the right supplier yet? Well, you’ve found us! Request a call with one of our experts today!

    Written by Jenna Cesary — December 22, 2017

  • 5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Menu Items

    It’s that time of year again! Cupid has fired off arrows in every direction which means love-struck couples will soon be flooding your restaurant in search of the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner! To make the occasion truly memorable, plan a menu that creatively evokes the spirit of the holiday while remaining elegant and sophisticated. We’re here to help you play matchmaker with 5 romantic Valentine's Day menu items that are sure to sweep your guests off their feet!

    1. Love at First Course

    Warm things up with a unique take on a classic appetizer! These Strawberry Balsamic Chutney and Goat Cheese Bruschettas are the perfect way to ignite the romance! Did you know -- Strawberries are the official fruit of Valentine’s Day, and this app is the perfect way to add them to your menu in a subtle way. Pro Tip: Serve on a modern, white dish to let the colors of the chutney stand out.

    2. A Match Made in Heaven

    A few things are meant to be together. (Surf ‘n turf, for instance, is the Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman of the food world!) Make your guests feel like romance royalty with a hearty surf ‘n turf dish. We recommend a prime cut of steak and lobster tail with butter sauce, served on a simple white dish with few garnishes so as to let the food shine!

    3. A Side of Love

    Your main course wouldn’t be complete without a delectable side dish. This hearts of palm salad works fantastically with the theme and compliments the flavors of the steak and lobster! It’s also light enough so that it won’t fill up your guests before dessert! Serve in a modern, square side bowl or plate in a pattern that matches the rest of the dinnerware used. 

    4. Love Potion

    Along with a selection of wines served in elegant glassware, try offering a signature Valentine’s Day cocktail! Your guests are sure to adore a martini like this Love Potion #9, made with pomegranate juice, strawberry vodka and black raspberry liqueur! Garnish with heart-shaped strawberries for that added touch!

    5. Sweet on You

    What better way to end a romantic meal than an interactive, nostalgia-inducing dessert? Chocolate fondue is fun and delicious dish that easy to prepare and hard to beat. Serve the chocolate dip in a ramekin and on a platter surrounded by fruits, cheeses, pretzels and sweets. You’ll provide another way for your guests to bond over their bites!

    Here at International Event Products, we love nothing more than helping our customers’ businesses succeed! We carry a large range of dinnerware, glassware and event supplies that are sure to fit any occasion. Haven’t found the right supplier yet? Well, you’ve found us! 

    Written by Jenna Cesary — December 21, 2017

  • 7 Hospitality New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Sales

    Holiday party season is over (whew!), and as a caterer, you may finally have a chance to come up for a little air! While you give those ovens a break and toss out what remains of the eggnog, it’s a good time to plan ahead for the New Year. Here’s a list of 7 catering New Year’s resolutions to boost sales and get you ahead of the game!

    1. Get Local

    As you may have noticed, the movement towards organic and locally sourced foods has exploded. While you may buy most of your ingredients wholesale to save on costs, featuring one or two menu items that have been sourced from a local farm is sure to be a hit, not to mention delicious! Consider partnering with a local farmer  orresearch local farmers markets in your area this year!

    2. Add a Kid's Table

    As a child, it’s sometimes hard to find an appealing appetizer at a grown-up’s event. Shrimp cocktail? Yuck. Asparagus? No way! Help the kiddos (and the parents who have to deal with said kiddos) by adding one or two menu items that the kids are sure to approve of! Hint: Mac ‘n cheese is always a hit!  Try sophisticated variations using different garnishes and toppings!

    3. Nod to Nostalgia

    Speaking of kids, many people have a soft spot for food they ate when they were younger, though rarely do they see those vintage foods around  anymore. Give your guests a blast from the past and get  creative with delicious nostalgia (like these Poprock Cherry BombsMini CorndogsGarlic Parmesan Chicken Tenders and Pizza Bites!)

    4. Impressive Presentation

    As caterers, we know that presentation isn’t everything, but it certainly is important! This year, make it your New Year’s resolution to improve your presentation with new, modern dinnerware. Consider the newest trends in hospitality (geometric patterns and metallic finishes!) as you stock up for 2017!

    5. Serve More Seasonal Produce

    If you’ve been in catering for awhile, you probably have a set of ‘go-to’ recipes that your clients are sure to love. But along with the classics, consider incorporating a dish or two using seasonal ingredients. Seasonal prices tend to be cheaper, the produce fresher, and usually it’s a food that people crave during that time of year. Pumpkin in the fall, venison in the winter, greens in the spring and peaches in the summer, are great places to start!

    6. Healthy Habits

    When we think popular New Year’s Resolutions, we think of getting healthy and in shape. While that may or may not be our personal resolutions (!), chances are plenty of people attending our events will be looking for healthier options at the start of the year.  Try serving dishes with sauces in small, side bowls and substitute carb-laden items, like mashed potatoes, pasta and rolls, with leaner options like salads, fresh fruit and quinoa. Your guests (and their waistlines!) will thank you!

    7. Have an Attitude of Gratitude

    Here’s something you probably already know: the catering industry is competitive. There are hundreds of options out there for clients to consider when looking for a caterer, which means you want your guests to come back time and time again. Thank-you notes may be old fashioned, but they will never go out of style! Let your clients know you appreciate their business and had a pleasure working with them. Give them an option to leave a review or offer a testimonial so you can improve your services going forward.

     Share your New Year’s resolutions with us! IEP is your event products supplier and partner! Together we will make 2017 the best year ever for caterers and hospitality professionals!  


    Written by Jenna Cesary — December 21, 2017

  • Come See Us Live on the TRADESHOW Floor

    The Rental Show

    February 19, 20, 21- 2018
    Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA

    Booth # 501

    Find out more here

    Written by Jenna Cesary — May 01, 2013

  • 7 Ways to Jazz Up Your Event with Fall Colors

    Well, it’s officially autumn, and that means it’s time for caterers to stock up on event products and catering supplies for the season! Brush off those pumpkins and refill those cinnamon shakers because we’re bringing a dash of fall flavor to your catering business – Here are a few of our favorite ways to add autumn to your event!

    1. Fall Flavor

    Apples. Pomegranates. Caramel. Cranberry. There are tons of delicious foods to serve in the fall. Don’t be afraid to take some risks – a flavorful pear champagne (served in our Grandeur Wide Silver Rim Champagne Flute) may add some nuance to a new menu!

    2. Gourd Out

    Add some mini pumpkins, butternut squashes and maybe even a horned melon(!) to your fall season catering events. They make perfect centerpieces on tables and they also double as a paperweight to weigh down tablecloth in a blustering fall breeze. 


    3. Fiery Flowers

    You can never have enough red, orange and yellow flowers this catering season. Mimicking the turning of the leaves, autumn hues are famous for brightening up any October day!

    4. Plate Presentation

    Our modern, porcelain square plates are a perfect canvas for dazzling your guests with fall-colored syrups, dips and sauces. Add some zest to your fall plate presentation with ingredients like orange marmalade and maple syrup.

    5. Leave it to the Leaves

    We don’t recommend a giant leaf pile or a scare crow at your event (unless the client requests it of course!), but adding a string of leaves can certainly invigorate your catering event’s fall décor. Consider wrapping them around railings or draping them from a loft.

    6. Hot Menus

    As fall gets underway, all eyes are on the chef to combat the chilly temperatures with smart food choices. Guests will love cozying up to a hot pumpkin or butternut squash soup served in these elegant white bowls. The contrast in colors will be sure to ‘wow’ your guests!

    7. Spice It Up

    Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and ginger -- It doesn’t take much to ‘fall-ify’ your menu -- just a dash of cinnamon or a pinch of nutmeg will enhance any dish. Also, if you need to garnish a plate on the fly, sprinkle a little fall spice over the plate to give it a bit of color and pizazz!

    We hope you enjoyed our list and found some useful catering tips and tricks this fall! Did we miss any perfect autumn event ideas? Feel free to send us some pictures of your seasonal successes on our Facebook page!

    Written by Jenna Cesary — December 21, 2017

  • What to Look for in a Trusted Event Supplier

    The hospitality industry is built on relationships. It’s important to find a trusted event supplier to get you quality products at wholesale prices, whenever you need them. If a catering business, rental supplier or restaurant can’t trust the event supplier they buy their products from, it makes it difficult to continually delight their customers. So what makes an event supplier a long-term partner? We think it comes down to a few things:

    • High Quality Event Products

    This may seem obvious, but we truly believe that the best products at the best price is the recipe for a successful business. Find a event supplier that always stocks the most modern dinnerware designs and luxurious glassware products so you don’t ever chase down salespeople to say, “This isn’t the quality I was hoping for.”

    • Exceptional Customer Service

    “Need custom ordering for a specific event? No problem.” That’s the conversation that should be happening on a regular basis between you and your event supplier. It’s important, no matter how big your supplier is, to always offer the touch of a personal sales department. Our industry is built for automated answering machines -- when you call your trusted supplier, you should get a human, and that human should do everything they can to solve your unique problem while giving exceptional customer service.

    • Flexibility to Adapt to Clients Needs

    We can’t tell you how often we’ve been in a timecrunch! Occasionally, we need our products shipped to us, and we need it done yesterday! Look for an event supplier who can find the strings and pull them if need be. This industry is all about guest satisfaction, and an event supplier’s “guests” should be satisfied with their products and shipping times, no matter what!

    • Keeping up with hospitality industry innovation

    The hospitality industry is constantly changing. Get a supplier who’s on the frontlines of food and presentation so you never have to worry about serving delicious food on antique dinner sets. It’s part of a trusted event supplier’s job to stock modern designs and new trends. After all, hospitality professionals need to present and serve the best of the best to their guests!

    Why IEP’s Customers Stay with Us on Average 13 Years

    Thirteen years is not an industry standard. IEP is unique in that we hold onto our customers for over a decade on average because we build relationships and loyalty around trust. We started in hospitality many years ago, so we know this industry inside and out, and we know what it means to be a trusted event supply partner.

    Great products, fair prices, exceptional customer service are IEP’s core values. It comes down to integrity. Thirteen years may seem like a long time to hold a customer, but for us, that’s the number we’re constantly trying to beat! And if you’re a new customer to IEP, we will do everything we can to hold on to your business because we appreciate you choosing to partner with IEP for all your event product needs, and we’ll be sure to build on that loyalty and that trust you’ve given us.

    Shop now and start your 13 year relationship with IEP today!


    Written by Jenna Cesary — December 22, 2017

  • 5 Profit-Building Tips for Stocking Your Event Rental Company

    IEP has learned a lot during our 20 years as the premier partner for event rental companies. We love sharing our knowledge and expertise with companies, especially those just starting out. One of the questions we are often asked is, “Which items are the best to make money off of?” There’s no short answer; each company, market, and client is different.

    As an event rental company, your two most valuable assets are your staff and your inventory, which is why it’s important to make wise purchasing decisions. We recommend going with a core set of products that are elegantbasic, and durable so you can maximize their use and get the most value across event settings.

    Here are our top 5 suggestions:

    White Dinner Sets Are Always Worry-Free

    Think white is boring? Think again! With a basic white place setting, you can get creative with centerpieces, table linens, and food without looking too busy.

    White china is hands down the most versatile when it comes to place settings. Think of it as the cornerstone on which to build your rental company! Basic white is one of the items most requested by customers, so plan to make these your preferred stock - and buy them in bulk. Ordering wholesale place settings ensures that you have all the right matching pieces, but helps you avoid the overhead costs associated with single purchases.

    Event Profit Point #1: Order your white dishes in bulk to maximize versatility and demand while minimizing costs.

    Dish sets like our Suzanne White collection has a textured edge, adding subtle elegance that fits almost any occasion. They’re a perfect entry point for any new event rental businesses or seasoned caterers refreshing their presentation. Browse our inventory for the pieces you’re looking for, from 13-inch chop plates to 6-inch bread and butter plates and everything in between.

    Sitting Pretty with Durable Dining Chairs

    If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you’ve seen this type of chair - and for good reason! Chiavari chairs are an event rental company staple for several reasons. They pack and move easily from location to location. They’re understated, yet comfortable enough for day-long events. Finally, they’re dignified enough for any event theme or table setting, but lack nothing when it comes to strength.

    You’ll notice a recurring theme in this article: if the event equipment lasts - and looks good all the while -  those are the pieces that will show a significant ROI. Our secret tip? Buy Chiavari chairs that use high quality materials. Many companies sell chairs made of softwood, and they’re more susceptible to dents, scratches, and breakage. A Chiavari made of sturdy hardwood is going to be the money maker for most caterers and event hosts.

    Event Profit Point #2: Choose Chiavari for your sturdy hardwood dining chairs to help give customers confidence in your event catalog.

    Here at IEP, we supply only European hardwood Chiavari Chairs and Barstools. We also purchase in bulk directly from the manufacturer, which lets us pass the savings along to event businesses without skimping on quality. Choose from chairs of different finishes depending on your event’s landscape: white, black, gold, or natural wood tones.

    Be Ready for Anything with Simple Stemware

    Previous catering crews have come to IEP with all eyes on crystal stemware. Traditional crystal is a must-have, but is it enough? What about when your customers and guests insist on an outdoor event, or something with a more casual atmosphere? Are you going to try and make it work… or bring the glasses to match the mood?

    Frosted glassware always stands out as the perfect fit for customers throwing an event seaside or in the open air. We’ve had event partners close destination weddings simply because they brought the one piece of décor to complete the dream. When everything needs to fit perfectly, you’ll want to have more than one stemware selection in your catalog.

    Event Profit Point #3: Diversify your catalog to snatch up customers who may normally fall outside of your base with a minimal investment in alternate glassware.

    If you need the basics, pick sophisticatedly simple glassware that will go with as many settings as possible. With a frosted finish and simplified design, IEP’s Island Glasses fit the bill for outdoor and destination events, or for any occasion that’s less than black tie.

    Make Event Lighting Matter by Going for Gold

    Most event rental businesses first come to us with a set catalog, a set customer, and “the best possible place setting.” To which we reply, “Oh - only one?”

    If you’ve nailed the picture-perfect dining arrangement, then top marks for you. As we all know, however, it’s rare that an event goes exactly your way. When the conditions around your place setting change, does that picture still look perfect?

    One of the biggest influences on presentation is lighting. Adding some shine to your color scheme can help you make the most of your available light, and literally dazzle your guests. Gold- and platinum-rimmed dishes, bowls, and glassware catch customers’ eyes, and in the age of social media make every plating Instagram-ready. It also brings some attitude to the table, like at corporate events where wealth, power, and boldness are looked upon fondly.

    Event Profit Point #4: Catch the light and capture hearts under any event condition by stocking dinnerware with a metallic finish.

    To add some shine to your inventory, consider IEP Majestic Gold and Patricia Platinum china, the upscale place setting that are ready for candlelight, indoor lighting, and worthy of royalty.

    Guided Events Go Off Without a Hitch

    What are the two things that every guest experiences, and every event must have in order to execute flawlessly… that can’t be seen?

    As event planners, you’ve probably guessed it - timing and layout.

    While they’re not used as often as your typical dining wares, ropes and stanchions are key facets of the event rental company’s inventory. When you’re more organized, you can manage more guests, which means closing larger and more profitable event bookings. They also add to the event’s final presentation and can help guests feel like they’re truly treated as the world’s elite.

    Event Profit Point #5: Keep order and prepare for more profitable event bookings with one-time purchases of rope and stanchions.

    Plus, it doesn’t hurt that a single rope and stanchion set will last you for years and most definitely let you recoup on your investment. Take a look at our rope and stanchion equipment; we offer styles for both practical purposes and flashyaesthetics.

    The Final Word? Stock Up for the Event Business You Want

    You should be building your event rental company on the foundation of select staple items - that will last - like these. We want to help! Here at IEP, we believe in combining our expertise in design and catering with high-quality, fairly-priced wholesale products. Deliver the perfect event experience with our wide selection of modern dinnerware, elegant glassware, select chairs, and more.

    Written by Jenna Cesary — December 22, 2017

  • American Rental Association: The Rental Show 2017 Recap

    Having been in the events industry for 20 years, we know a thing or two about what separates a good event from a great one. Last week’s American Rental Association show in Orlando has left us exhausted and crazy busy...both of which are signs of a successful trade show! Each year we look forward to attending the ARA show because it offers us the unique opportunity to connect with current and potential clients from all over the country. Without further ado, here are a few of our highlights from the 2017 ARA show!

    The People

    The Rental Show is a reunion of sorts for us and gives us a chance to meet face-to-face with customers we’ve been doing business with over the last 20 years. IEP strives to be a true partner to caterers and event rental companies by being the best at what we do. That’s why much of our time at every show is spent catching up with clients, learning about new opportunities for their business, and how we can help support their goals. We also love meeting the new faces in the industry! We spoke with quite a few people starting their own catering and rental companies (Learn how to start your own catering company!), offering advice on everything from porcelainand stanchions to glassware and ovens!

    The Events

    Aside from everything happening on the trade show floor, there was a plethora of events and educational seminars to attend! Our favorite event was hands down the nighttime outing at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure! The park shut down just for the ARA show attendees, giving us the ability to enjoy rides without waiting in line, see special performances and enjoy the delicious catering stations scattered throughout the park. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we enjoyed every second!

    The Weather

    It’s been a long, cold winter here at our headquarters in Stoughton, Massachusetts. Luckily, the ARA show allowed us to escape the snow and ice to soak up some much needed vitamin D! The weather was perfect, and we met quite a few northerners who shared our appreciation. We also met some companies from warmer climates who were happy to hear of our free shipping discount on orders over $1,250, making the distance immaterial when it came to filling their inventory!

    The Discounts

    The people, events and weather were enjoyable, but the main reason people attend the ARA show is to buy and sell! For this reason, many vendors in attendance (including IEP!) offer their best discounts of the year to show-goers. We absolutely love seeing customers  with a laundry list of products to stock up on visiting our booth and taking advantage of the discounts. It’s hard to beat 20% off all porcelain, flatware and glassware and free shipping on orders over $1,250! Knowing not all of our wonderful customers were able to attend the ARA show, we decided to extend the discount to everyone throughout the month of March! Don’t miss our biggest sale of the year!

    Written by Jenna Cesary — December 22, 2017

  • Catering 101: How to Start Your Own Catering Company

    First off, we just have to say, you’ve made an excellent career choice. You’ll love the delicious food, wonderful people and incredible experiences the catering industry has to offer!

    The first step to understanding how to start your own catering company is to make sure you have the right equipment and event products:

    Start Your Own Catering Company: Place Settings 101:

    Perhaps the most obvious and important equipment you need to start a catering business are plates, glasses and cutlery. When figuring out how many place settings to buy, it’s a good idea to order a few more than you think you need because normal wear and tear (like slippery hands, dancing guests and tough dishwashers) will account for broken pieces that need to be replaced.

    Start Your Own Catering Company: Dinnerware 101:

    When choosing plates, bowls and platters, consider what type of catering company you want to run. The size, style and design should mirror the type of food you’ll be preparing and the guests you’ll be serving. Here’s a few helpful tips:

    1. Embrace Geometry

    A hot new trend in the catering world is to veer away from the obvious white round plates and to embrace new shapes and modern design. Try these rectangular porcelain dinner platesor this one-of-a-kind 8” triangle plate if you plan on serving upscale food to your guests.

    2. Bowl with Purpose

    Soups are perfect menu items for any occasion during these cold winter months. A tasty tomato bisque in one of these fancy teardrop bowls will be sure to be a conversation starter among guests.

    3. Be Unique

    Food just tastes better when it’s served in a platter you’ve never seen before! These white Monocle bowls will ‘wow’ your guests and add a dash of elegance to any place setting.

    (For tons more catering specialty dinnerware options, check out our unique china sets!)


    Start Your Own Catering Company: Flatware 101:

    When buying forks, knives and spoons, an important rule of thumb for people just starting out in catering is to remember these three tips:

    1. Design Matters

    Simple styles feel more modern while more intricate patterns tend to indicate traditional and antique settings. Our fan pattern flatware is a practical and versatile middle ground for any menu!

    2. Par for the Course

    Don’t forget, a three-course meal requires a minimum of three forks! Some appetizer/dinner/dessert combos need even more. Make sure you have enough cutlery on hand for the meal you’re serving!

    3. Match. Match. Match!

    Perhaps the most important tip we can give you is to make sure your flatware matches! The easiest way to solve this problem is to order from the same company; a catering supply company you can trust that won’t discontinue their design styles and have enough inventory on hand for those last minute needs!


    Start Your Own Catering Company: Glassware 101:

    Water glasses, wine glasses (both red and white!) and champagne flutes are a must have starter set for every caterer. Matching is important, of course, which tends to get very tricky because glassware breaks so easily. Be sure to stock up on the set you love so you never have to worry about running low! And if you do need a few last minute glasses, try to find an event products company with low minimum ordering!


    Start Your Own Catering Company: Ovens 101:

    Once you get your small business off the ground, and if you have the space and the budget, a Moffat Convection Oven is the way to go! Available in both half size and full size, these ovens can increase your cooking output to cover hundreds of guests! Make sure you do your due diligence before diving in on one of these bakin’ badboys, because knowing when to pull the trigger and upgrade your equipment is half the battle of starting a business.


    Start Your Own Catering Company: Chairs 101:

    Depending on the different types of catering you’ll be doing, you might need to invest in some chairs. The important thing to remember when purchasing chairs is to find a nice, durable set that you can use indoor and outdoor. These Chiavari chairs are perfect for any beginning caterer!

    We all started our catering careers somewhere, and it gives us no greater pleasure to offer catering tips, tricks and expertise to small catering and event planning companies just learning the ropes.

    International Event Products has been in the hospitality business for over 19 years! We believe in combining our expertise in design and catering with high-quality, fairly-priced wholesale products, giving small catering companies like yours exactly what you need to get off the ground and succeed in the hospitality and event planning world.

    If you have any questions for our expert catering team here at International Event Products or would like more information, feel free to request a call with our team!

    Written by Jenna Cesary — December 21, 2017

  • 5 Reasons Why You Need a Brunch Menu

    Brunching is back and bigger than ever! Decadent, friend-filled weekend brunches have become a wildly popular social occasion and if you aren’t booking brunch events you’re missing out. Brunches are a fantastic opportunity to test new menu items and showcase some culinary creativity. Composed of the best of both worlds (breakfast and lunch) a great brunch event should be fun, festive, and most of all, filling! Until recently, brunch was a meal usually reserved for Mother’s Day and Easter. Now, you’ll see lines of people out the doors waiting to be seated every weekend. Not yet convinced? Here are five reasons why you need a brunch menu, along with a tip or two to help you get started.

    1. Brunch by the Numbers

    The recent brunch phenomenon and ever-growing popularity is more than mere perception. There is a great deal of research indicating that this meal has become a weekend staple and is going to stay that way for quite sometime. Data shows that Google searches for “brunch” have more than doubled since 2004, with a steady increase year after year. Additionally, this mid-day meal is most sought-after in the coastal regions of the U.S. If your business is located anywhere other than the midwest, you have even greater reason to book brunch events!

    2.Trendy 20-somethings

    Now that we’ve covered the popularity of brunch events, let’s talk about who is attending them. Studies show that the majority of people brunching these days are young professionals in their 20s. In order to cater to this group (no pun intended!) you’ll need to plan menu items that are hearty, fun and different. Don’t be afraid to get creative here! Blend traditional food items with unexpected ingredients. Include healthy dishes (like this Smoked Salmon and Avocado Eggs Benedict) as well as plates to indulge in (Creme Brulee French Toast...need we say more?) and since the food will be diverse, keep a common theme with your dishware. We recommend a white, modern china style that can go with just about anything.


    3. Boozy Brunch

    One of the many reasons weekend brunch has made a comeback is because it gives the people who may have been out late the night before a chance to sleep in and still have a hearty meal when they wake up. While your hotcakes might sell like...well, hotcakes, you can also capitalize on another great sales opportunity. Drink specials and Bloody Mary bars are a favorite among brunchers who are either looking for a little hair of the dog or a fun start to the day. A bottomless mimosa deal is sure to be a hit, especially if served in beautiful glassware!


    4. Repeat Business

    There are many merits to adding another meal service to your offerings. One of these is the possibility of repeat business! Brunch tends to be a lower-budget affair, where customers can buy two meals for the price of one. As the saying goes, once you have your foot in the door, you can open it wider for bigger opportunities. The new faces you serve at brunch may fall in love with your food and come back time and time again and for different occasions! Not sure how to promote a brunch event? Check out our free guide, How to Book More Hospitality Events Using Email Marketing.

    5. Serve Smart

    Because of it’s popularity and the time of day at which it takes place, you may need to adjust your usual food service practice to execute a great brunch event. Although a leaner team may work for some businesses, others may need to beef up the back of the house! Consider bringing in an extra chef or waitstaff and doing some prep-work (like splitting biscuits) ahead of time. You can also save time by having a few pre-prepared dishes on hand in ovens. Or, trycutting costs by ordering your dishware at wholesale prices!

    Brunch brings together the best parts of breakfast and lunch. Here at IEP we bring together the best parts of customer service and high quality products. International Event Products has been in the hospitality business for over 20 years! We believe in combining our expertise in design and catering with high-quality, fairly-priced wholesale products, giving companies like yours exactly what you need to deliver the perfect dining experience. Request a call with one of our product experts to see how we can help you with your upcoming events!

    Written by Jenna Cesary — December 21, 2017