What to Look for in a Trusted Event Supplier

The hospitality industry is built on relationships. It’s important to find a trusted event supplier to get you quality products at wholesale prices, whenever you need them. If a catering business, rental supplier or restaurant can’t trust the event supplier they buy their products from, it makes it difficult to continually delight their customers. So what makes an event supplier a long-term partner? We think it comes down to a few things:

  • High Quality Event Products

This may seem obvious, but we truly believe that the best products at the best price is the recipe for a successful business. Find a event supplier that always stocks the most modern dinnerware designs and luxurious glassware products so you don’t ever chase down salespeople to say, “This isn’t the quality I was hoping for.”

  • Exceptional Customer Service

“Need custom ordering for a specific event? No problem.” That’s the conversation that should be happening on a regular basis between you and your event supplier. It’s important, no matter how big your supplier is, to always offer the touch of a personal sales department. Our industry is built for automated answering machines -- when you call your trusted supplier, you should get a human, and that human should do everything they can to solve your unique problem while giving exceptional customer service.

  • Flexibility to Adapt to Clients Needs

We can’t tell you how often we’ve been in a timecrunch! Occasionally, we need our products shipped to us, and we need it done yesterday! Look for an event supplier who can find the strings and pull them if need be. This industry is all about guest satisfaction, and an event supplier’s “guests” should be satisfied with their products and shipping times, no matter what!

  • Keeping up with hospitality industry innovation

The hospitality industry is constantly changing. Get a supplier who’s on the frontlines of food and presentation so you never have to worry about serving delicious food on antique dinner sets. It’s part of a trusted event supplier’s job to stock modern designs and new trends. After all, hospitality professionals need to present and serve the best of the best to their guests!

Why IEP’s Customers Stay with Us on Average 13 Years

Thirteen years is not an industry standard. IEP is unique in that we hold onto our customers for over a decade on average because we build relationships and loyalty around trust. We started in hospitality many years ago, so we know this industry inside and out, and we know what it means to be a trusted event supply partner.

Great products, fair prices, exceptional customer service are IEP’s core values. It comes down to integrity. Thirteen years may seem like a long time to hold a customer, but for us, that’s the number we’re constantly trying to beat! And if you’re a new customer to IEP, we will do everything we can to hold on to your business because we appreciate you choosing to partner with IEP for all your event product needs, and we’ll be sure to build on that loyalty and that trust you’ve given us.

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