5 Reasons Why You Need a Brunch Menu

Brunching is back and bigger than ever! Decadent, friend-filled weekend brunches have become a wildly popular social occasion and if you aren’t booking brunch events you’re missing out. Brunches are a fantastic opportunity to test new menu items and showcase some culinary creativity. Composed of the best of both worlds (breakfast and lunch) a great brunch event should be fun, festive, and most of all, filling! Until recently, brunch was a meal usually reserved for Mother’s Day and Easter. Now, you’ll see lines of people out the doors waiting to be seated every weekend. Not yet convinced? Here are five reasons why you need a brunch menu, along with a tip or two to help you get started.

1. Brunch by the Numbers

The recent brunch phenomenon and ever-growing popularity is more than mere perception. There is a great deal of research indicating that this meal has become a weekend staple and is going to stay that way for quite sometime. Data shows that Google searches for “brunch” have more than doubled since 2004, with a steady increase year after year. Additionally, this mid-day meal is most sought-after in the coastal regions of the U.S. If your business is located anywhere other than the midwest, you have even greater reason to book brunch events!

2.Trendy 20-somethings

Now that we’ve covered the popularity of brunch events, let’s talk about who is attending them. Studies show that the majority of people brunching these days are young professionals in their 20s. In order to cater to this group (no pun intended!) you’ll need to plan menu items that are hearty, fun and different. Don’t be afraid to get creative here! Blend traditional food items with unexpected ingredients. Include healthy dishes (like this Smoked Salmon and Avocado Eggs Benedict) as well as plates to indulge in (Creme Brulee French Toast...need we say more?) and since the food will be diverse, keep a common theme with your dishware. We recommend a white, modern china style that can go with just about anything.


3. Boozy Brunch

One of the many reasons weekend brunch has made a comeback is because it gives the people who may have been out late the night before a chance to sleep in and still have a hearty meal when they wake up. While your hotcakes might sell like...well, hotcakes, you can also capitalize on another great sales opportunity. Drink specials and Bloody Mary bars are a favorite among brunchers who are either looking for a little hair of the dog or a fun start to the day. A bottomless mimosa deal is sure to be a hit, especially if served in beautiful glassware!


4. Repeat Business

There are many merits to adding another meal service to your offerings. One of these is the possibility of repeat business! Brunch tends to be a lower-budget affair, where customers can buy two meals for the price of one. As the saying goes, once you have your foot in the door, you can open it wider for bigger opportunities. The new faces you serve at brunch may fall in love with your food and come back time and time again and for different occasions! Not sure how to promote a brunch event? Check out our free guide, How to Book More Hospitality Events Using Email Marketing.

5. Serve Smart

Because of it’s popularity and the time of day at which it takes place, you may need to adjust your usual food service practice to execute a great brunch event. Although a leaner team may work for some businesses, others may need to beef up the back of the house! Consider bringing in an extra chef or waitstaff and doing some prep-work (like splitting biscuits) ahead of time. You can also save time by having a few pre-prepared dishes on hand in ovens. Or, trycutting costs by ordering your dishware at wholesale prices!

Brunch brings together the best parts of breakfast and lunch. Here at IEP we bring together the best parts of customer service and high quality products. International Event Products has been in the hospitality business for over 20 years! We believe in combining our expertise in design and catering with high-quality, fairly-priced wholesale products, giving companies like yours exactly what you need to deliver the perfect dining experience. Request a call with one of our product experts to see how we can help you with your upcoming events!