7 Hospitality New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Sales

Holiday party season is over (whew!), and as a caterer, you may finally have a chance to come up for a little air! While you give those ovens a break and toss out what remains of the eggnog, it’s a good time to plan ahead for the New Year. Here’s a list of 7 catering New Year’s resolutions to boost sales and get you ahead of the game!

1. Get Local

As you may have noticed, the movement towards organic and locally sourced foods has exploded. While you may buy most of your ingredients wholesale to save on costs, featuring one or two menu items that have been sourced from a local farm is sure to be a hit, not to mention delicious! Consider partnering with a local farmer  orresearch local farmers markets in your area this year!

2. Add a Kid's Table

As a child, it’s sometimes hard to find an appealing appetizer at a grown-up’s event. Shrimp cocktail? Yuck. Asparagus? No way! Help the kiddos (and the parents who have to deal with said kiddos) by adding one or two menu items that the kids are sure to approve of! Hint: Mac ‘n cheese is always a hit!  Try sophisticated variations using different garnishes and toppings!

3. Nod to Nostalgia

Speaking of kids, many people have a soft spot for food they ate when they were younger, though rarely do they see those vintage foods around  anymore. Give your guests a blast from the past and get  creative with delicious nostalgia (like these Poprock Cherry BombsMini CorndogsGarlic Parmesan Chicken Tenders and Pizza Bites!)

4. Impressive Presentation

As caterers, we know that presentation isn’t everything, but it certainly is important! This year, make it your New Year’s resolution to improve your presentation with new, modern dinnerware. Consider the newest trends in hospitality (geometric patterns and metallic finishes!) as you stock up for 2017!

5. Serve More Seasonal Produce

If you’ve been in catering for awhile, you probably have a set of ‘go-to’ recipes that your clients are sure to love. But along with the classics, consider incorporating a dish or two using seasonal ingredients. Seasonal prices tend to be cheaper, the produce fresher, and usually it’s a food that people crave during that time of year. Pumpkin in the fall, venison in the winter, greens in the spring and peaches in the summer, are great places to start!

6. Healthy Habits

When we think popular New Year’s Resolutions, we think of getting healthy and in shape. While that may or may not be our personal resolutions (!), chances are plenty of people attending our events will be looking for healthier options at the start of the year.  Try serving dishes with sauces in small, side bowls and substitute carb-laden items, like mashed potatoes, pasta and rolls, with leaner options like salads, fresh fruit and quinoa. Your guests (and their waistlines!) will thank you!

7. Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Here’s something you probably already know: the catering industry is competitive. There are hundreds of options out there for clients to consider when looking for a caterer, which means you want your guests to come back time and time again. Thank-you notes may be old fashioned, but they will never go out of style! Let your clients know you appreciate their business and had a pleasure working with them. Give them an option to leave a review or offer a testimonial so you can improve your services going forward.

 Share your New Year’s resolutions with us! IEP is your event products supplier and partner! Together we will make 2017 the best year ever for caterers and hospitality professionals!