For Caterers: 5 DIY Party Tips & Tricks to Impress Your Guests

When we imagine ways to enhance the creativity and design of our catering events, we like to start by taking a step back and finding the opportunities -- Where’s a blank canvas we can decorate? We’re always amazed by the creativity of our fellow caterers in this industry, so we thought we’d draw some attention to the best catering DIY party tips & tricks we’ve seen lately!

1. Messy Bandana-Rama!

How about adding some pizazz to the blank canvas literally right under our noses -- Napkins! They aren’t just a piece of cloth to dab away the delicious roasted chicken honey glaze from your cheek anymore! Try substituting the plain cloth napkin for a bright bandana! Or perhaps you can find a more unique design, maybe one with your company’s logo?

 2. For the Foodies

Here’s one for all the catering chefs out there who are dying for something a little more delicious than buffet tables! A hot new foodie trend from our chefs in the kitchen is edible hors d’oeuvre dishes. Imagine your guests expect fruit as an appetizer at their next holiday event -- Surprise your guests with fresh fruit in ice cream cones (sugar cones are our favorite!). Your guests will love grabbing an apps worth of fruit to go in a delicious sugar cone caddy!

3. Beautiful Buffet Table

While we’re redesigning the buffet party stands and risers, why don’t we adapt the whole table too? Rather than using a classic folding table with table cloth draped over the ends to hide the aluminum legs, try heading to the hardware store and picking up a paintbrush, a bucket of paint and a long 2”x8” board. Paint the wood a clean, light color or go with a rich finish. Finish the scene by bridging your newly painted table over two oak barrels for your next outdoor catering event! We promise the creativity of your unique DIY catering buffet table will be met with plenty of nodding and pictures!

4. Rethink the Food Display

We’ve been seeing a cool new trend these days so we had to let you in on it! If you’re catering or hosting a party with a buffet, get creative with the stands and risers used to display food! Serve your seafood pasta dish out of a restored lobster box or from atop an upturned woven bread basket, and wait for all the oohs and aahs to start rolling in!

5. Row Me a Beverage

We came across this one at a gorgeous wedding on Lake Winnipesaukee this summer! If your party host enjoys the outdoors or if a body of water is nearby your event, we think it’s a great idea to give your bartenders a break by providing beer, sodas and bottles of water from a creative DIY cooler trick -- the inside of a canoe! Dump all your beverages in, add some ice and prop the canoe up on its side. Your guests will love the ease of it and there will never be a line! Plus, it will add an authentic touch to any party!


We know we must’ve missed a few! Got some interesting DIY catering tips and tricks? This is the place to share them!


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