MEIKO M-iQ Flight offers professional warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology

MEIKO-LogoExperience the innovative ware washing technology of the MEIKO M-iQ Flight Dishwasher. MEIKO authorized distributor. Please call for pricing and other details.

 M-iQ commercial dishwashing machines are quite simply an outstanding choice. The technology used in M-iQ machines includes a number of innovative features which make the dishwashing process easier and more efficient. A superbly cost-effective choice, this range of versatile dishwashers eliminates the need for an exhaust air connection and provides a multifunctional, modular platform concept which can be adapted to each user's specific requirements. M-iQ also provides intelligent monitoring with its GreenEye technology, which helps users make the most of their dishwasher's capacity and reduce running costs.

  • AirConcept
  • Filter technology
  • AirComfort Drying
  • Tank Management
  • Washing Dynamics
  • Energy Concept
  • Electronic Control
  • Self-cleaning
  • Hygienic Results
  • M-iQ Spectrum modular technology
  • GiO-TECH
  • Sustainability
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MEIKO MiQ Dishwasher